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Bike Mirror Indicator ? Absolutely. We received one of these not long before Christmas to review and unfortunately it has been sitting waiting for the time to try it out.

Remember your car driving lessons? That famous sequence of “Mirror – Indicate – Manoeuvre”? Well, this product brings the same methodology to cycling but in a straightforward manner.

The first thing to do is attach a sensor on a Velcro strip to your handle bars somewhere close to where your right hand will be – when cycling on the left, it is the right hand turn and pulling out further into the road where you are at greatest danger.

The second thing is to fit the mirror with its indicator over the top of your cycling glove on your right hand. Once again Velcro is deployed.

The mirror component of the Bike Mirror Indicator is clear and gives a good view of traffic when you hold your hand up. Once you see a good gap in approaching traffic, just position the bike mirror indicator close to the component you attached to the handle bars and the indicator starts to blink. Now you can extend your right arm and your indicator is visible to traffic.

The indicator lights up in such a way that it can be seen from behind and in front of the cyclist, as well as the side, so it doesn’t matter where the traffic is coming from. There is an added advantage as well that you now have lights on the rear of your bike and on the hand, at the extended length of your arm, giving a wider area of lighting to be perceived by a driver.

Want to go touring on the continent and need to cycle on the left? The Bike Mirror Indicator can accommodate that, by simply moving the sensor to the left side of the handle bars and wearing the bike mirror indicator on your left hand.

Conclusion: I view this product as simpler and more effective than the various attempts to include lights in helmets or to incorporate indicators in bike lights They are available online.

Tom Langhorn

I received a Mirror Indicate as a Christmas present last week. What a great gift to receive, cycling safely on the roads is now for life and not just for Christmas! Even after just a few uses whilst out road cycling, i have noticed how easy it is to use. Using the convenient mirror replaces the need turn your head around backwards to look for vehicles behind you, before maneuvering or slowing down. This often caused me to wobble slightly off direction, so it now feels a lot safer using the Mirror Indicate. The light turns on and off with a simple tap on the handlebar mounted small magnetic strip which works well. I’ve noticed that cars seem to slow down and respond much better to my hand gestures when approaching junctions with the flashing light on my hand, especially when i did a couple of darker evening road rides.

All in all, a great product for a great price, that will become part of my regular cycling kit. A great step forward for road cycling on our ever increasingly busy roads. Well done!


Just used my mirror indicate for the first time ! Love it ! A great Christmas gift from my hubby ! I feel safer now signalling at night it’s so so bright ! Definitely recommend

Nick Mullis

Really pleased with my mirror indicate. The instruction manual was clear and easy to understand. Putting the mirror indicate into action, i noticed that straight away cars were slowing down when signalling to turn right. This gave me more confidence turning at junctions at night. The Mirror itself, I was very impressed with, it’s very clear and once I got the hang of putting the mirror close to my eye,I really saw the benefits especially after riding a long time. Looking over your shoulder takes up energy & eyes off the road, Just glancing in this mirror was really useful seeing traffic behind me and not wasting anymore energy. I would recommend to any road cyclist and commuters.


Fantastic product, I feel much safer riding my bike at night now!