Simply position your Mi on the back of your hand and adjust the strap for comfort. Simply touch the lens onto the magnet positioned on your handlebar to turn the indicator on and do the same again to turn it off.

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Everybody loves tech gadgets, particularly those that are simple and easy to use – that’s Mi! Here’s how it works.

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Once the device has been strapped in place as illustrated, you can easily check the mirror to see what traffic is behind you. Simply hold your hand at 45 degrees like a salute, close to your eye.

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Touching the lens onto a magnet (secured to your bike frame or handlebar) turns the device on and off. Both upcoming and ongoing traffic can now clearly see your intention to turn.

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You can now make your manoeuvre, safe in the knowledge that you have been seen by other road users.


The Mi is packed with features and benefits designed to make your daily commute or weekend bike ride safer and more enjoyable.

Innovative idea

No other product on the market today can match the effectiveness of this simple design, there are no blind spots which are associated with fixed mirrors and the viewing angle is perfect to judge when a safe manoeuvre is possible.

Cost effective

To obtain the same overall objective you would need to buy more than one product and these can be cumbersome and prone to breakage as they are fixed to the bike.

Safety first

The Mi is the only device in the world that indicates your intention to turn to both oncoming and upcoming traffic giving you the confidence to make a safe turn in the knowledge that you are visible to other road users.

Easy to use

Your new Mi is a self-contained unit which is 100% waterproof and shatterproof, no wiring, no fixing, no on/off switch, no adjusting – just slip on and Go!

Made in the UK

When commissioning the design and production of the Mi, we as a company decided to keep production, assembly and distribution here in the UK in order to ensure the highest level of customer service.

Cutting edge technology

The design of our printed circuit board (The Brains!) is unique in this field. It employs firmware which detects the proximity of the lens to a magnet to turn the indicator on and repeat the process to turn the indicator off.


The Mirror is made of the very highest quality acrylic material with an Armadillo Coating to give added protection to the surface of the mirror. Because the mirror is not glass it will not shatter.


By virtue of the light weight materials it is almost impossible for a user to even know that they have it on the back of their hand.

Advanced technology

We have pioneered the Firmware to react in a very specific way so it will accommodate and negate the features of normal cycling in order to preserve the ease and use of the device.

High visibility

The LED’s used in the construction are the most powerful on the market today (60 Lumens per LED) to give the very best illumination.


The device is constructed using ABS plastic which withstands heat in excess of 40 degrees and cold to minus 40 degrees.


The device has been specifically designed to be 100% waterproof by virtue of its cased construction.

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See and be Seen

It is crucial (whilst on the most vulnerable vehicle on the road) to view traffic behind you and indicate to them that you are about to make a manoeuvre. Mi has grasped this nettle and given cyclists the choice in a really cool, unobtrusive way.

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Mirror Indicate Manoeuvre

We‘ve all heard the phrase above but how do you do that effectively on a vehicle which is supplied without a mirror or indicator as standard equipment? The answer - with great difficulty... especially at night! That was before Mi was invented to solve this long standing problem.